The complete Ansys Software line

Official Ansys, Inc. representative in Latin America and Iberia, ESSS offers the market the Ansys software line, tools for all engineering fields that require simulation in the development of products and processes.

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ANSYS was founded in 1970 and is, according to magazines like Bloomberg Businessweek and FORTUNE, one of the most innovative companies in the world.

With global presence through its more than 90 partners worldwide, Ansys is a global leader in engineering simulation involving structural, fluid dynamics, electromagnetic and multiphysics analysis, also assisting the world's most innovative companies in delivering radically better products to their customers.

Companies, universities, and research centers around the world rely on Ansys solutions in order to reduce product development time, streamline processes, and to deliver the best return on investment.

Simulation Technology

Product development processes guided by simulation engineering take your project to the next level. Learn what Ansys can achieve in your area.

Fluid Dynamics

Simulate fluid flow behavior and confidently analyze design results.

Structural Analysis

Solve complex structural engineering problems and make faster decisions.


From design to simulation, fast optimization of your development process.


Create electronic and electrical products faster and with maximum resource savings.

3-D Design

Speed up product development and bring innovations to the market.

Custom Applications

For any project, an application designed to simplify steps and integrate.

Free Trial

Download a trial version of Ansys Discovery Live

ANSYS Programs

Find out and engage in one of the programs that ESSS and Ansys keeps open.

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Energy Efficiency

Simulation potentializes innovation and equipment efficiency.

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Rely on integration between all your IoT systems.

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Ansys 2020 R1

Taming complexity to make simulation even more pervasive.

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Startup Program

Easy access to Ansys solutions for startup companies.