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With the wave of innovation taking place in the industry, simulation is more important than ever in vehicle engineering. Intelligent electronics, telecommunications, advanced software - vehicle manufacturers are providing innovative and transformative technologies for today's consumers. This industry is also rapidly turning autonomous vehicles into a reality with the introduction of advanced driver assistance systems. At the same time, we also address rising fuel costs and environmental concerns by restructuring all aspects of vehicle engineering - from aerodynamics, engine and transmission, passenger comfort and electrical and electronic systems.

Software Application

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Cars and light trucks

Develop vehicles that meet the most stringent requirements

Automotive simulation allows engineers to deliver innovations faster without compromising safety and reliability through rapid prototyping and virtual testing. Using ANSYS solutions, it is possible to simulate vehicle systems comprehensively with systems simulation tools, fluid, thermal, electromagnetic, electronic, semiconductor, software and fully integrated systems.

Supply Chain

Design modern, feature-filled vehicles with a focus on innovation

Develop autonomous vehicle systems, intelligent controls, telecommunications devices, offering better fuel efficiency and lower emissions of pollutants. ANSYS automotive component design solutions ensure enhanced safety and reliability in every vehicle generation.

Heavy and off-road trucks

Create electronic devices for various applications, such as the automation of agricultural tasks

The implementation of an extensive exploration of virtual projects with ANSYS solutions helps ensure efficiency, safety, quality and reliability from the start of the project cycle. In addition, ANSYS advances in model-based system engineering and embedded code generation can drastically reduce development time.

Racing and motorcycles

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Electrical transmissions involve thermal, fluid, structural, and electromagnetic interactive effects that require comprehensive multiphysics simulations, which is a registered trademark of ANSYS. Motorcycle manufacturers can leverage these project exploration and optimization tools in order to implement early quality and reliability prediction methods, as well as to create hybrid and electric drives.


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