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Ansys Discovery revolutionizes the way to develop engineering designs

Simulation Technology

Medium and small companies are revolutionizing the way they develop new products and are adding to the engineering department more modern and efficient technologies, such as computer simulation software. By using these tools, companies become more competitive in the market and are able to solve complex problems, even in the design phase, where different physics are involved. It was with this market’s demand in mind that Ansys launched Ansys Discovery, a powerful engineering solution used to optimize product development involving more than one physics in a single interface.

Ansys Discovery allows to:

– Predict, solve and correct product and project failures;

– Reduce costs, optimize raw material use and minimize product warranty expenses;

– Reduce the manufacturing of physical prototypes and bench tests;

– Accelerate project development time and improve products;

– Become even more competitive in the marketplace.

– Develop more innovative products in less time

– Learning curve like never before in engineering.

Ansys Discovery

Ansys Discovery has powerful capabilities for creating, importing, editing and correcting geometry from any major market platform. Linked to this, the technology provides professionals with fast and accurate performance predictability tools based on its unique Ansys-patented instant calculation technology. Professionals from the engineering sector have a unique opportunity to get to know the interface and the operation of the tool for free. ESSS offers specific courses, such as simulation-based design, that explore the technology and its benefits. In addition, both ESSS and its qualified resellers have the experience and know-how to be valuable technology partners in the use of this and other technologies. 

Want to broaden your experience, get more information and understand the benefits Ansys Discovery can bring to your business? Our team of consultants is available to answer technical questions and provide guidance on the usage possibilities for your company’s segment. 



Business Developer

Mechanical Engineer from Faculdade de Engenharia Industrial (FEI), Master in Propulsion and Energy from Instituto Tecnológico de Aeronáutica (ITA) and Master in Business Management from Business School São Paulo (BSP). He has experience in fluid dynamics and multiphysics simulations and is the Ansys Discovery product manager.