Chemical Processes

Minimize environmental impacts, comply with regulatory standards, and streamline product development and operations

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Simulation solutions for the chemical process industry are helping companies with major engineering improvements in their efficiency and reliability of asset and process equipment. The required advances can directly affect product and process performance.

From processes and equipment for chemical and petrochemical refining to the manufacture of glass and metals, process-focused companies use simulation solutions to reduce overall costs, conserve energy, minimize environmental impacts, meet higher regulatory standards, and streamline development and product operations through a series of initiatives.

Analysis and simulation of chemical process equipment such as mixers, separators, dryers, reactors, decanters, floats, cyclones and fixed and fluidized beds.

Software Application

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Chemical and Petrochemical Products

Create detailed, high-fidelity templates

Through the chemical and petrochemical industry, safety, process optimization, energy use, emission reduction and new product innovation drive the advanced development of engineering and technology. ANSYS engineering software solutions and services can be used alongside experiments, testing and other process simulation tools.


Efficiency in the process, product quality

Glass manufacturing is complex and uses a variety of features, making simulation ideal for process improvements. These technologies can help glassmakers model many of the physical, chemical and thermal processes that occur during the glassmaking and production – allowing significant improvements in process efficiency, product quality, and total cost.


Balance time, price and quality

Global demand for engineering materials has steadily increased and environmental pressures have also intensified. To help solve energy demands, process economics, and other issues, engineering simulation is an indispensable tool to help metal manufacturers balance time, price, sustainability, and quality pressures.

Process equipment

Reduce costs with prototypes and optimize production

Process equipment engineers, manufacturers and operators are challenged daily to transfer, mix, separate, heat, distill, store, pack and extend the life of the almost 70,000 products that the chemical and processing industries provide. By using large amounts of heat and energy to mechanically or chemically transform materials, these industries help meet the most fundamental needs of many industries.


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