Institutional Partners

Our Institutional Partners are dedicated to Computer-Aided Engineering and Intelligent Digital Prototyping, assisting product development companies around the world to achieve optimal solutions. These partners distribute modeFRONTIER in Europe and, in partnership with ESSS, maintain an interdisciplinary training and education cooperation program.


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ESSS is the Ansys Reference Center in South America, a global tools developer company for all engineering simulation fields in the product development process. ESSS is Ansys Elite Channel Partner certified.

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CADFEM is the ANSYS Competence Center in Central Europe in Finite Element Method. The company maintains a partnership with ESSS that involves training its employees at the European School of Computer-Aided Engineering.

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CEI is the EnSight developer, software for visualization, analysis and simulation communication, often used for Computational Fluid Dynamics and Structural Mechanics, among other CAE processes.

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ESSS and Oil Plus created a joint venture project to develop SourSim®, which can predict souring potential for a field’s life-span. The tool simulates hydrogen sulfide generation by bacteria in oil reservoirs.

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NACAD is the Advanced High-Performance Computing Nucleus of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. It specializes in applying high-performance computing to engineering and science problems as well as other knowledge areas.

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Rescale is a global leader in HPC computing simulations. The company provides cloud solutions for high-performance cloud computing, enabling project acceleration and increased product development performance.

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SCiTec is a mechanical testing laboratory that conducts evaluations of materials and finished products. The company’s comprehensive infrastructure enables it to perform environment static and fatigue tests.

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SKF of Brazil partners with ESSS to develop technological solutions that provide numerical simulation and ODS services, a technology that demonstrates actual vibrational behavior of an equipment or structure.

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Engineering company specialized in acoustics and vibrations. It is an agent of the Danish Brüel & Kjær in the southern region of Brazil. It is located in the city of Caxias do Sul, Rio Grande do Sul, where it shares its office with ESSS.

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VirtualCAE sells ESSS software in Brazil and develops specialized solutions for automakers and auto parts suppliers. The company offers solutions in vehicle dynamics, crash-test, fatigue analysis and structural optimization.

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ESTECO develops modeFRONTIER software, key to reduce complexity, improve efficiency and cut development time, a world's leading multi-objective optimization technology that can be easily coupled to any CAE tool.

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EnginSoft is dedicated to CAE and Intelligent Digital Prototyping areas. The company distributes modeFRONTIER in Europe. Enginsoft and ESSS maintain a cooperative program to train employees about engineering simulation.

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The TechNet Alliance is a unique global network in the CAE industry. It is dedicated to the development, training, and support of the most-advanced engineering simulation software available. The alliance comprises more than 55 companies from 25 countries.