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The rise of smart products is driving the need for engineers to improve electronics design and deliver lower cost and higher performance through the integration of discrete functions. Today's smart products contain complex electronic systems that require seamless real-world operation. Miniaturization of devices, support for multiple wireless technologies, faster data rates and longer battery life, for example, and rigorous demand analysis. ANSYS electronic product design solutions help engineers quickly identify the optimal solution to these often recurring challenges.

Software Applications

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Consumer Electronics

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To ensure a product’s success, engineers need to accurately predict how it will behave in the real world. ANSYS solutions for the electronics industry can predict the interactions between structural mechanics, fluid dynamics, and electronic subsystems, eliminating overdesign, reducing system cost, and accelerating time to market.

Electric Motors

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By employing simulation early in the development process, you can achieve greater machine efficiency using less material, which reduces costs. The ANSYS Electric Machine Design Flow provides a complete virtual prototyping lab for machine design and development.

Electronic Cooling

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ANSYS solutions provide everything you need to perform electronic cooling simulation and thermal analysis. Perform thermo-mechanical stress analysis and airflow analysis to select the optimal heat sink or fan solution.


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You can rely on ANSYS for accurate results for the performance of your antennas, both as components and when integrated into an operational environment. Depending on the scale of the problem and the results you want, you can select a variety of solution technologies and enhancements.


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