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The need to produce reliable energy at low cost, combined with growing environmental concerns, has brought energy science and engineering into global focus. Companies are challenged to develop new power generation technologies, improve energy intensity, reduce energy use, and create innovative new solutions that balance demand, cost, and environmental priorities.

Applying engineering simulation early in product and project development enables cost-effective ways to evaluate new concepts, faster and more frequently than with traditional prototyping and testing methods. Energy-focused projects benefit from the high-fidelity, full-functionality, and multidisciplinary capabilities of simulation software. ANSYS has a leading position in energy and related industries, and its solutions are being employed in both energy production and generation projects - including renewable (e.g., wind, solar, fuel cells, hydro, ocean and tidal, nuclear, fossil fuels), as well as energy reduction and efficiency improvement projects. ANSYS engineering simulation for the energy industry applies to all product and process design, pollution reduction and control, carbon reduction and separation, fuel efficiency improvement, light-weighting packaging, new fuel development, and compliance with energy efficiency and regulatory requirements.

Software Applications

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Oil & Gas

Rising global demand for oil and gas calls for more production

The production of oil and gas and other by-products obtained from these resources creates challenges that require advanced technologies to increase throughput and reduce costs, while enabling efficient production management. 

The use of simulation in this industry has enabled companies to design, verify, and deliver more reliable drilling, production, transportation, process, and refining equipment at lower cost.

Environmental management

Being sustainable strategic

Protecting and improving the quality of the environment requires innovative solutions that meet the growing demand for sustainable, green technologies. As a result, companies are working to reduce environmental impacts in energy production and distribution in a variety of ways. Simulation applies computational methods to evaluate new products and concepts, manufacturing processes, and energy generation, and create overall improvements that optimize energy production – while minimizing environmental impacts.

Power Generation

Meet the highest demands on power generation

Engineering simulation for power generation adds value and helps significantly reduce the time and cost to design, optimize, troubleshoot, and repair equipment, enabling the industry to respond quickly by evaluating new designs and concepts, adapting existing plants, modifying equipment and processes, designing to industry standards, and complying with environmental regulations.

Renewable Energy

Transform your projects with innovative solutions

From traditional and innovative resources, renewable energy is playing an increasing role in electricity generation. Simulation is essential for companies developing new renewable energy equipment and improving the reliability and performance of existing systems, helping to accelerate the development process and bring renewable technologies quickly to market while minimizing the time, money and other resources invested in physical prototyping and testing.




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