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Fluid Dynamics

Simulate fluid flow behavior and confidently analyze design results

Fluid behavior is unintuitive, making it very difficult to predict its impact on products and processes. Ansys CFD provides the ideal tools to successfully simulate fluid flow behavior - even with complex interactions between various physics - and to accurately analyze results throughout design and manufacturing, as well as during end use.

CFD simulation for all engineers

While Ansys CFD empowers experienced analysts to provide deep insights, it is not just for rocket modeling and race car experts, for example. Engineers of all levels in various industries are getting great value with fluid dynamics simulation. Our team has already looked at and solved a wide variety of CFD simulation challenges and is ready to help you solve yours.

More CFD solutions

Design faster and faster with well-validated CFD results across the widest range of general, special and multiphysics applications! Ansys Fluent and Ansys CFX provide fast results for all applications of fluid dynamics or multiphysics with precision and robustness in the market. Our CFD software has the resources you need to solve your design problems today and in the future.

Solve complex fluid problems

Maximize the performance and efficiency of your product with Ansys CFD and innovate turbomachinery, turbulence and combustion capabilities.

Make better and faster decisions

Innovations for modeling, mesh, user interface, high-performance computing and post-processing radically accelerate time to results without compromising accuracy.


Find out all Ansys can do for your business

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Fluid-structure interaction

Investigate how forces interact to impact product performance and how fluid forces can move and deform structures.

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Multiphase Flows

Have the widest array of physical models available to accurately simulate complex multiphase flows.

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Whether designing a jet engine, wind turbine or turbocharger, maximize the performance and efficiency of your product.

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Geometry Optimization

Find ideal solutions for problems like reduction of pressure drop, optimization of drag, elevation or transfer of heat.

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Combustion and Reactive Flows

Predicting the effects of real-life fuel requires complex algorithms that describe the physics and thermodynamic behavior of combustion.

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Thermal Management

Rapid and accurate solutions for predicting the performance of heat transfer problems, including conjugated heat transfer (CHT).

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Ice Formation in Aircraft

Ice formation in flight is a highly complex and difficult physical phenomenon of modeling with physical tests. Solve this problem with Ansys.

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Accurate cavitation analysis is essential in order to optimize designs and set operating parameters and limits.