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In the home appliance industry, consumer expectations are high: users demand that a particular product be used day after day and last for many years. The reputation for reliability and energy efficiency is the main selling point for a product, so it is critical that all possible scenarios for failure of a new product are tested before they enter the market. While reliability is essential, consumers expect products to become easier to use, smaller in size but with maximized capacity, which consume less energy and emit less noise.

Using simulation analysis tools, product engineers can evaluate alternatives and refine projects from the beginning of the process, when making changes costs less. The need for physical prototypes is also reduced, resulting in a shorter development cycle and faster time to market. Keeping costs in line, with quality and reliability, and pursuing continuous innovation are the key factors in business. ANSYS simulation and modeling tools can help companies address these consumer challenges across a wide range of sub-industries.

Whether manufacturing a washing machine or an industrial kiln, manufacturers are focused on the same goal: producing cutting-edge products at a price that will entice customers to buy - and bring those products to market faster than any other in their industry.

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Using computer simulation from the beginning of product designs such as ovens and stoves also promote a greater saving in the transportation of energy, in the maintenance of the construction temperatures obtaining, as an end result, an excellent improvement in energy efficiency.

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ANSYS solutions are powerful tools for evaluating seal performance, avoiding operating frequency resonance, load bearing, and more.

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Aerodynamics, cooling, thermal comfort, lighting, intake / exhaust and combustion, prediction of emission of pollutants, linear and nonlinear static, dynamic, transient, fatigue, vibration, natural frequency, impact, acoustic and structural analysis in mechanical components. ANSYS will ensure the best result in your project also regarding all these aspects.


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