Introduction to Discrete Element Method using Rocky DEM

Rocky DEM
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In this course, participants will learn Discrete Element Method (DEM) using Rocky DEM software.

The course and materials are only available in English.

A growing number of engineers and design professionals are using discrete element method (DEM) to help understand the behavior of their particulate, bulk solids, and material handling equipment. Most materials around us start from or end up as discrete solid particles of many shapes, characteristics, and physical properties. Particulate systems and bulk material account for the majority of areas where engineers can create a meaningful impact on reducing product waste and increase material handling equipment performance. From food and agriculture to mining and metal, and from pharmaceutical to consumer products and other process industries, engineers face a number of challenges. A few examples of these challenges include reducing material spillage, clogging, clomping, predicting equipment wear and improving solids flowability. Other examples of challenges engineers face are improving product uniformity, reducing product defects, and account for or avoid particle breakage. Discrete Element Method (DEM) enables understanding of particle dynamics accounting for particle-particle and particle-equipment interactions. Companies in a broad range of industries are using DEM to help reduce the cost of product development and improve product quality and uniformity and enhance manufacturing processes as well as improving the performance of material handling equipment and machinery.

In this cornerstone course, you will discover how particle simulation can help define material trajectories, optimize belt tracking, extend equipment lifetime and capacity, and predict force, torque, and power consumption of equipment, enabling companies to remain competitive by designing better processes and products.

Participants can learn how to use Discrete Element Method analysis and Rocky DEM, a powerful particle simulation tool, with the expertise and confidence gained from training that includes good balance between concepts and practical activities.

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