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In this course, the students will have the opportunity to start their simulation learning in Finite Element Structural Analysis (FEA) with the use of Ansys software.

The course was prepared to be the cornerstone of training in the use of this technology, so that the professional can, in the future, act in engineering projects using FEA Analysis with the quality and confidence that can only be obtained from training with a good balance between concepts and practical activities.

The costs of materials and experiments today are very high and lead to a period of development that is incompatible with the speed of innovation necessary for the survival of companies. CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) simulations are a very important part in solving this problem. Therefore, each engineer must be able to use, with competence and reliability, the commercial CAE software.

Finite Element Structural Analysis (FEA) allows, for example, the study of the behavior of components or assemblies subject to operating conditions and flat loads for these structures. This capability provides rapid development and modification of projects and processes, ensuring the quality, efficiency and safety of the final product at a very low cost. The ESSS Institute offers a complete solution for remote training in numerical simulation.

This course is available in Portuguese and Spanish.

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