Topological Optimization Applied to Structural Mechanics with Ansys

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The course focuses on the practical application, with the objective of training the engineer in the use of the most advanced topological optimization tools.

The traditional methods for the optimization of static, dynamic and even thermal characteristics are studied. Also is demonstrated how to use tools based on topological optimization to optimize filling in additive manufacturing.

The industry is constantly reinventing itself, that is why the search for solutions that meet the growing need for cost reduction and quality improvement requires the definition of an ideal product. This product must present a geometry that resists the efforts imposed, as a working condition, added to the need to be accessible, light and with the least possible complexity.

With the topological optimization tools it is possible to design durable and lightweight components for any application, becoming an excellent path to follow in product development and updating. Optimization is a cutting-edge engineering tool and a great way to go in developing new products and updating models.

This course is available only in portuguese language.

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