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ESSS Institute of Education, Research and Development (iESSS) offers a complete portfolio of CAE courses in in-house and on-site modalities. There are more than 60 courses that offer professionals and students the ideal training to take advantage of the resources available in the tools.

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Introduction to Structural Simulation

For engineering who wish to start or improve the knowledge in Computational Simulation, the ESSS Institute has developed a complete course that links the Finite [...]


Introduction to Fluid Dynamics Simulation

This course provides participants with the basics of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) giving them the necessary foundation to properly use the ANSYS FLUENT [...]


ANSYS CFD - Computational Modeling of Multiphase Flows

This course is for professionals interested in understanding the phenomena associated with multiphase flows, as well as the main features of their computational [...]


ANSYS Mechanical - Structural Non-Linearity and Advanced Contacts

The content of the course assumes that the user has taken part in the ANSYS Mechanical Introductory course or is already familiar with the procedures for conducting [...]


Fatigue Analysis using the Finite Element Method

Studies indicate that this phenomenon is responsible for 90% of the service failures related to mechanical causes and are particularly affected because they occur [...]


ANSYS Mechanical - Dynamics
| Portuguese |

In 1940, in the USA, the phenomenon occurred at Tacoma Narrows Bridge demonstrated the need for dynamic knowledge of structures. Although perfectly dimensioned for the [...]

ANSYS CFD - Computational Modeling of Turbulent Flows

This training is for professionals interested in understanding the phenomena associated with turbulence in industrial flows, as well as the characteristics of their [...]

ANSYS Mechanical - APDL Programming: Integrating Workbench and Classic

ANSYS Finite Element Analysis Software came into existence in the mid-1960s and is constantly evolving through research and technological developments.
In [...]

Linear Fracture Mechanics using the Finite Element Method.

One of the most complex issues for a finite element software user is to respond "Broke?".
There are several types of stresses and reformulations, as well [...]


The iESSS specialists combine their experience in numerical simulation with your technical knowledge to devise strategies and ideal solutions for the simulations of your company.

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