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The knowledge to master the ANSYS platform molded to your needs

Dedicated training

Dedicated means that iESSS specialists select relevant topics from simulation courses that best fit your company's applications. Your projects can then be integrated into the training so that you get accurate answers to your questions. In dedicated training, you can jointly develop approaches to efficient solutions and help you make the best use of simulation software.

Do you want help with a specific problem or application?

iESSS specialists combine their experience in numerical simulation with the technical knowledge of the client to carry out the simulations of your company with ANSYS software. Enjoy to integrate your simulation difficulties using this training opportunity.


Introduction to Structural Simulation or Introduction to Fluid Dynamics Simulation.


  • Answers to specific problems;
  • Focus on different subjects, taken from standard courses;
  • Specific to the participant's knowledge pattern;
  • Elaboration of ideal solution strategies for the simulations of your company.


The investment depends on the duration and complexity of the application. Contact our team to consult us on the scope and content of a dedicated training!