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Mining is an increasingly technology-driven industry, enabling significant improvements in processes and equipment, as well as creating a new generation of mining practices focused on safety, automation, energy efficiency, environmental management, and cost management. The use of engineering simulation in the metallurgical industry has proven to be instrumental in helping producers and metals manufacturers balance time, price, sustainability, and quality pressures.

Engineers are constantly challenged to optimize exploration, drilling and extraction processes, improve the contributions of low-yield mines, secondary processes, modeling operations, production and improvement of the structural behavior of metals. Engineering simulation for the metal and mining industries helps companies around the world develop, verify, and implement new specialized technologies related to process innovation, operational efficiency, best practices, safety, and sustainable development.

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Computational simulation can be applied in the metallurgical industry to predict behavior, study corrections and to promote improvements in equipment and processes used in this sector. It also allows you to analyze and propose improvements in product development, reducing costs and increasing productivity.

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Increased efficiency, cost reduction and optimization of processes, evaluation of equipment in operation, determination of stresses and deformations in static and dynamic analyzes, temperature and thermal stress distribution, nonlinearities analysis of material, geometric and contact and analysis of fatigue and fracture (damage tolerance).


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