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Linear Fracture Mechanics using the Finite Element Method.

  • Presential
  • Structural Analysis
One of the most complex issues for a finite element software user is to respond "Broke?".
There are several types of stresses and reformulations, as well as points of stress concentrations and numerical singularities, which make it difficult to analyze a structure. Even if it has high tensions or cracks, the component will not necessarily be doomed.
The training of Linear Fracture Mechanics using the Finite Element Method has as a priority the exposition of mechanical strength theory, failure modes, crack propagation and the tools ANSYS Mechanical has in mind for such types of analysis.


Face-to-face intensive training with ESSS specialists.


  • Historical background;
  • Definitions and terminology;
  • Theories of Mechanical Resistance;
  • The beginnings of the theories of Irwin and Griffiths;
  • Failure Modes;
  • Mechanics of Elastic Linear Fracture;
  • Fracture Tenacity Tests;
  • The concept of voltage intensifiers;
  • CTOD and Integral J numerically calculated;
  • The concept "Leak-Before-Break Design";
  • Theories of propagation;
  • The notch problem;
  • Elements of Structural Integrity;
  • Critical distance theory and fatigue.

Instructors/Teaching Staff:

  • Rodrigo Martins

    Master in Mechanical Engineering from the Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG). Currently works as a professor at the ESSS Institute and UFMG.



The student will have access to the certificate of participation issued by the ESSS Institute, with international recognition and validity. Develop a differential in your career. Study at the largest simulation school in South America


  • Rio de Janeiro (RJ) - Brasil

    Data: 23/09/2019 - 24/09/2019

    Horário: 09:00 - 18:00

    Carga Horária: 16 horas

    Investimento: R$2.300,00

    Língua: Português

    Local: Rio de Janeiro (RJ) - Brasil

  • São Paulo (SP) - Brasil

    Data: 11/11/2019 - 12/11/2019

    Horário: 09:00 - 18:00

    Carga Horária: 16 horas

    Investimento: R$2.300,00

    Língua: Português

    Local: São Paulo (SP) - Brasil




Credit Card.



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