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Calculation of Equipment According to ASME Code Section VIII - Div. 2

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  • Structural Analysis

The ASME VIII code, division 2, is used worldwide, including in Brazil, for the calculation of equipment subjected to pressure. The stress analysis will be performed using the finite element method with the presentation of the ANSYS program.


Intensive training with ESSS specialists.


1) Introduction.
2) When using Division 2 of ASME VIII.
3) General hull theory and stress analysis.
4) General requirements: Scope of ASME VIII, division 2, organization of division 2.
5) Material requirements: Materials allowed, general material data.
6) Design requirements: Scope, combined materials, minimum thickness, loads, design pressure and temperature, voltage intensity - definitions, design criteria, verification of fatigue analysis needs, internal pressure hulls of revolution, transition hulls , openings and their reinforcements, flat covers.
7) Design based on stress analysis: general requirements, definitions, loadings, classification and location of voltages, cylindrical helmet analysis, analysis of spherical helmets and tops, analysis of circular flat covers, tensions in discontinuities, examples of manual and by finite elements.
8) Design based on fatigue analysis: Cyclic operations, design for cyclical loads, examples of analyzes - manual and finite elements.

Instructors/Teaching Staff:

  • Jairo João Mola, M.Sc.


No prerequisites are required in this training


The student will have access to the certificate of participation issued by the ESSS Institute, with international recognition and validity.




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