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ANSYS Mechanical - APDL Programming: Integrating Workbench and Classic

  • Presential
  • Structural Analysis
ANSYS Finite Element Analysis Software came into existence in the mid-1960s and is constantly evolving through research and technological developments.
In order to make the software more user-friendly and more agile in the development of an analysis, ANSYS Inc. has launched the Workbench platform that gradually incorporates all the functionality of the Classic interface.

ANSYS Mechanical - APLDL Programming: Integrating Workbench and Classic addresses aspects of how to take advantage of all the agility allowed by the Workbench platform combined with the flexibility and advanced features available in Mechanical APDL.


Face-to-face intensive training with ESSS specialists.


Introduction to Mechanical APDL
• Fundamental concepts
• Mechanical APDL Files
• Mechanical APDL graphical interface
• Display commands
• Entity selection logic

Element Attributes
• Attribute configuration
• Types of elements
• Material Properties
• Actual Constants and Section Properties
• Nodal and element coordinate system

Post-processing in Mechanical APDL
• General postprocessor
• Transient post-processor

APDL Commands
• Command syntax
• Log file and comments
• Scalar Parameters and Arrays
• Programming logic (IF and DO)

APDL in Mechanical Workbench
• General considerations about APDL macros in WB
• Directories of work
• Named Selections in APDL macros
• Macros for geometry
• Macros for remote points
• Contact macros
• Macros for joints, springs and beams
• Macros for analysis
• Macros for post-processing
• Input and output parameters in APDL macros

Each chapter of the course is followed by one or more workshops and hands-on exercises.

Instructors/Teaching Staff:

  • Roberto M. Basto da Silva, M.Sc.

    Master in Technology from the Federal Center for Technological Education of Rio de Janeiro (CEFET). Currently works as a CAE / CAD Application Consultant at ESSS.


Basic knowledge of structural simulation with ANSYS.


The student will have access to the certificate of participation issued by the ESSS Institute, with international recognition and validity. Develop a differential in your career. Study at the largest simulation school in South America


  • São Paulo (SP) - Brasil

    Data: 09/09/2019 - 10/09/2019

    Horário: 09:00 - 18:00

    Carga Horária: 16 horas

    Investimento: R$2.300,00

    Língua: Português

    Local: São Paulo (SP) - Brasil




Credit Card.



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