A petrophysical properties simulation tool based on the reconstruction of tomographic images, developed in partnership with Concremat and supported by FINEP.


PORE aims to extract petrophysical properties from reservoir rocks through the pore network modelling technique, which reconstructs the geometry of the porous medium from digital tomographic images of rock samples. With this network model integrated to flow and capillary pressure equilibrium simulators, the software will be able to emulate real core flooding experiments and provide reliable estimates of important rock properties under different conditions, reducing the intrinsic cost and time of traditional experimental analyzes.


The software will help scientists and engineers to predict crucial rock characteristics for reservoir modelling and simulation from field samples. Thereby influencing on the distribution and statistical metrics of topological and petrophysical properties in the model, which are determinant for fluid flow behaviour, well planning, production optimization.


Some of the evaluated rock properties and specific benefits are listed below:

  • Total and effective porosity, absolute permeability, matrix composition;
  • Relative permeability and capillary pressure estimation based on standard, or tuned models;
  • Irreducible water saturation and residual oil saturation;
  • Integration of multiple scales models into a single network, contemplating both the fine scale flow properties and the coarse scale flow and storage characteristics;
  • Modelling of reactive transport related effects;
  • Integration with other simulation solutions;
  • Faster experimentation than with real samples, fine tuning of new petrophysical models and correlations.