SCBR 2.0

SCBR 2.0 Project

Simulator to analyze the chronic risk to human health, considering the transportation routes of contaminants.


The System of Correction Based on Risk (SCBR) consists of a set of software applications that aim for diminishing the occurrence and impact of accidents on the ground and underground aquifers through contamination by fuels and solvents, causing a serious environmental problem

The 2.0 version of SCBR turns the project into a complete model of chronic risk analysis of human health, considering the transport route of contaminants: air, ground, underground aquifers, and superficial water.


The model 2.0 was developed in the same way as version 1.5, in a 2D platform that allows the visualization of risk maps in the evaluated areas. This advance is one of the major functionalities of the model, seeing that all other available risk analysis software are fundamentally 1D. Among the main improvements, we can list the following:

  • Visualization of different risks and physical environments;
  • Multiple contaminants;
  • Receptor maps;
  • Contaminants database: chemical and toxicolocal parameters;
  • Generic values interface - Tier 1;
  • Risk calculation for underground water ingestion;
  • Transport route: unsaturated ground;
  • Transport route: superficial water;
  • Transport route: air.


Through this methodology, the areas are characterized in terms of sources, transport mechanisms, and receptors. Remediation processes on the impacted region are then applied in order to avoid dangerous levels of contaminants to affect the environment and people.