SimCarr Web

SimCarr Web Project

Simulation of hydraulics for drilling and driving of gravel for vertical and inclined wells.


The software SimCarr Web is a simulator developed for remote execution whose objective is to simulate the hydraulics of drilling and driving of gravels for vertical and inclined wells. It must be capable of capturing the phenomena that govern the process of transporting solids inside the well, such as the solid-liquid annular flow response, as well as other important aspects of hydraulic design.


The drilling of wells in oil reservoirs is an extremely complex and costly process, which has several phenomena that impact the annular pressure during drilling, which may partially or totally impair the completion of the process. In this way, the ideal is to work inside an operating window that guarantees the annular pressure between the limits of pore pressure and fracture gradient, that is, it prevents the unwanted invasion of fluids and the fracture of the rock.

The correct simulation of the physical problem that SimCarr Web proposes to answer is obtained through the configuration of several operational parameters, among them: the type of the fluid and its rheology, the well trajectory, the composition of the column, the particle characterization, flow, spine rotation, rate of penetration, among others. The configuration of these operating parameters will determine the quality of the results presented and will help the user to determine the operating limits in order to have a safe drilling.


In the genesis of the World Wide Web (www) are the sharing of information and the collective gain of knowledge. This shared nature, inherent in any web-based application, allows a great number of advantages that bring to Simcarr Web a differential over any other mono-user simulator.

Among the advantages inherent to the Web are: accessibility from anywhere, access control, collaborative environment, data centralization, storage security, automatic version update, high ergonomic standards and offline use.

All these advantages make the SimCarr Web project an innovation both in the Web simulator and in the modernity of its graphic interface, which makes its use not only a pleasant experience, but also with a high degree of correctness and consistency in the presented results.