For complex fluid systems, giving engineers the ability to simulate systems quickly, accurately and easily.


Flownex® Simulation Environment delivers technology that enables you to study how systems will behave in the real world, where fluid is the driving factor. Flownex® system simulation relays the overall effect of changing specific properties on components, allowing clients to examine extensively all possible variations in the design and optimization of systems.

Main uses


  • Simulation;
  • Performance assessment;
  • Modification assessment;
  • Fault root cause assessment.


  • System sizing;
  • Component sizing;
  • Determining operating ranges;
  • Flow, temperature, pressure, power consumption, etc;
  • Testing of control philosophy.

Training uses

  • System behaviour examination;
  • Performing basic flow and heat transfer calculations;
  • Thermohydraulic principles and properties referencing.

Bringing nuclear quality & standards to system simulation

Flownex® is developed in an ISO 9001:2008 and NQA1 quality assurance system environment. Flownex® is the only software of its kind to hold a nuclear accreditation, a testament to the quality, reliability and accuracy of our simulation software.


The versatility of Flownex makes it possible to be applied by many types of industries, such as:

Rede de distribuição hídrica

Water reticulation

Water distribution, pumping stations, treatment plants, network maintenance.

Imagem decorativa de Geração de energia sistemas

Power generation systems

Renewable energy systems, fossil fuel systems, nuclear systems, simulators

Imagem decorativa de Pesquisa e desenvolvimento

Research & development

Innovative engineering, proof of concept, layout and integration, control philosophy design.

Imagem decorativa de Sistemas de mineração

Mining systems

Chilled water reticulation, ventilation, compressed air, slurry distribution.

Imagem decorativa de Sistemas de óleo e gás

Oil & gas systems

Exploration, production, refining, transportation.

Imagem decorativa de Militar, navio & aeroespacial

Military, shipping & aerospace

Hydraulic, pneumatic, fuel and environmental control systems.

Imagem decorativa de Sistemas HVAC-R

HVAC-R systems

Refrigeration, heating systems, ventilation systems, air-conditioning.

Imagem decorativa de Eficiência Energética

Process systems

Process design, process control, process operations.

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