Software ANSYS


Solve complex structural engineering problems and make faster decisions.

Ansys structural analysis software package includes finite element analysis tools (FEA), making it possible to customize and automate your simulations by analyzing various project scenarios. The tool easily connects to other physical analysis tools, providing even greater realism in predicting the behavior and performance of complex products.

Structural analysis for all levels of experience

From designers and occasional users looking for fast and accurate results, to specialists looking to model complex materials and non-linear behavior, Ansys has the ideal solution. Ansys Mechanical's intuitive interface allows engineers of all levels to get quick and reliable answers.

Reliable, high quality, automated mesh

Ansys Mechanical has intelligent mesh technology, allowing you to quickly obtain the ideal mesh for each model. Automatic and intelligent algorithms ensure that high quality meshes are generated, making it easy to add controls for final adjustments as needed.

Complete structural analysis solution

A full range of analysis tools is available to analyze cases of single charge, vibration or transient analysis. Examine the linear and non-linear behavior of materials, joints, and geometry. Advanced resolution technology with Autodyn and LS-DYNA allows for crash, impact, and explosion simulations.


Find out all Ansys can do for your business

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Ansys Mechanical has all the tools for stress and strain analysis of parts and assemblies.

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Understand how projects will respond to vibrations of phenomena, such as brake winches, earthquakes and transportation.

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Highly accurate thermal simulation environment, including convection, radiation and conduction loads.

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Integrated tools required to identify potential vibration, mechanical and thermomechanical fatigue points to improve product durability.

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Topological Optimization

Find the best shape, reduce the weight of structures, extract CAD shapes and quickly check the optimized design.

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Additive Manufacturing

Ansys additive manufacturing simulations help optimize designs for 3-D printing and to determine any stresses or distortions in the design.

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Simulate dynamic mechanical models, explicit and rigid dynamics in order to identify possible deformations or damage after impact.

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Composite materials provide new solutions for manufacturers looking for stronger, lighter and more innovative materials.