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Introduction to Fluid Dynamics Simulation - CFD Theory and Applications with ANSYS CFX

  • Presential
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics
This course provides participants with the basics of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) giving them the necessary foundation to properly use the ANSYS CFX software. The course intends that future CFD software users will be able to understand the fundamental concepts underlying the numerical methods and approaches used, allowing them to understand the complete generation and solution cycle of a CFD simulation.

Basic aspects of modeling, development of boundary conditions and initials, convergence techniques, selection and special care with meshes and time step and the conceptual notion of EbFVM - Element-based finite volume method are addressed. The latter is a very versatile method, suitable for working with unstructured meshes and used by ANSYS CFX software. Conceptually, we discuss conceptually from the simplified deduction of conservation equations, their integration, application of contour conditions, segregated and coupled solutions, coordinates and structured and unstructured meshes.

The course is structured in three modules: Preparation of geometries with ANSYS SpaceClaim, Generation of Meshes with ANSYS Meshing and Fluid Dynamics Simulation using ANSYS CFX. In this last module, an exclusive period is dedicated to the presentation of CFD concepts. For this complete package, we include as a benefit a reduction of 15% in the value of the investment if compared to the acquisition of the individual modules.


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Module 1 - Preparation of Geometries with ANSYS SpaceClaim (08h / 1 day)
Introduction to SpaceClaim
Simplification of geometry: Cleaning of geometry, Simplification of surfaces, Modification of faces and Partitioning of models
Repair of imported models: Reconstruction of geometry, Parametrization, Medium surface, Interference detection, Automatic model repair
Modeling for CFD Simulation: Boolean Operations, Internal Volume Extraction, and Encapsulation Creation
Module 2 - Meshing with ANSYS Meshing (08h / 1 day)
Introduction to ANSYS Meshing;
Methods for creating mesh - Automatic mesh, Tetrahedron mesh, Hexahedral mesh, Mounting mesh, 2D mesh, Multiple body mesh;
Global Knit Generation Controls - Standard Mesh, Size Definition, Inflation, Mesh Generation Assemblies, Defeaturing, Statistics;
Local mesh generation controls - Sizing, Mapped Face Meshing, Match Controls, Pinch, Inflation;
Quality of the mesh.

Module 3 - CFD Theory and Numerical Modeling with ANSYS CFX (16h / 2 days)
Introductory CFD (04h / 0.5 day)

Basic Concepts for CFD - What is CFD ?, Basic CFD Equations - Transport Phenomena, CFD History
Philosophy of CFD Software;
Geometry for CFD - What is CFD Geometry, Proper Simplifications, Symmetry and Periodicity;
CFD Meshes - Types of Meshes, What is the ideal mesh for each case ?, Quality Control of Meshes, Convergence of Knit, Knit of Time Concept of Element, Knot and Volume;
Modeling for CFD - Transport Equations, Relevant Dimensional Numbers, Source-Terms: Gravity,
Turbulence Modeling, Contour Conditions and Initial Conditions;
Solving Equations - Discretization of EDPs, Interpolation and Advocacy Schemes, Basic Concept on Solution Methods of the Equation System, Stationary and Transient Simulations, Convergence.

Numerical modeling with ANSYS CFX (12h / 1,5 days)
Imports of knitwear;
Application of boundary conditions;
Configuration of the physical model;
Turbulence Modeling;
Heat Transfer Modeling;
Transient Flow Modeling;
Convergence processing and evaluation;
Preview results.

Instructors/Teaching Staff:

  • José Carlos Gonçalves Peres



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