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Basic Course of Structural Simulation using the ANSYS Workbench
| Portuguese |

  • EAD
  • Structural Analysis

It presents the fundamentals of modeling and obtaining the results for static structural analysis through ANSYS Workbench software. The modeling fundamentals will be demonstrated along with geometry launch capabilities, mesh generation, loading and load insertion.


The structure of the course is composed of recorded lessons and exercises of fixation.


  • Introduction to the use and steps of Finite Element analysis using the Ansys Workbench;
  • Introduction to the concepts of direct modeling using SpaceClaim;
  • Geometry editing;
  • Extraction and generation of medium surfaces and bars from solid entities;
  • Introduction to the Workbench;
  • Introduction to Mechanical;
  • Introduction to the definition of material properties;
  • Pre-Processing Accessories;
  • Uploads and Bindings;
  • Remote Conditions;
  • Joints;
  • Definition of Symmetry;
  • Global knit generation controls;
  • Knit Control Methods;
  • Local controls and virtual topology;
  • Mesh connections;
  • Quality control of the mesh and estimation of errors;
  • Presentation of Results.

Instructors/Teaching Staff:

  • Engenheiros da Equipe Técnica ESSS

  • Giuseppe Mirlisenna

    Master in Electrical Engineering from Mackenzie Presbyterian University. Currently works as a Post-Graduate Coordinator for FEA at ESSS.


There is no prerequisite for this training.


Once the course is finished, the student will have access to the certificate of participation issued by the ESSS Institute, with international recognition and validity.

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