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Course of Materials Fatigue Using ANSYS Workbench (High Cycle)
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  • EAD
  • Structural Analysis

The main goal is to present the fundamentals of material fatigue, introduction to the calculation of high cycle fatigue or SN method (stress x life), description of material properties SN-curve and fatigue limit, constant and variable amplitude loads, factors of correction and its application, obtaining results for evaluation of fatigue as damage, life, safety factor and bi-axiality index. Features available in ANSYS Fatigue and settings will be displayed.


The structure of the course is composed of recorded lessons and exercises of fixation.


  • Introduction to Fatigue: motivation and definition;
  • Cracking due to material fatigue: microscopic and macroscopic aspects;
  • Traditional methods of fatigue sizing;
  • Introduction to the evaluation of High Cycle Fatigue;
  • Cyclic Loading;
  • The SN curve;
  • Fatigue limit;
  • SN curve correction factors;
  • Count of cycles by Rainflow method;
  • Palm Palmgreen-Miner's rule for linear damage accumulation;
  • Combination of Voltages;
  • References;
  • Application example: analytical example and development in ANSYS Fatigue;
  • Application examples: Lifetime estimation using ANSYS Fatigue.

Instructors/Teaching Staff:

  • Eduardo Rocha de Araujo, M.Sc.

  • Giuseppe Mirlisenna

    Master in Electrical Engineering from Mackenzie Presbyterian University. Currently works as a Post-Graduate Coordinator for FEA at ESSS.


Basic Course of Structural Simulation using the ANSYS Workbench


Once the course is finished, the student will have access to the certificate of participation issued by the ESSS Institute, with international recognition and validity.

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